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About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Campus Services Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

Campus Services is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.  Our current feature is team building, which will allow our departments to bring out the best in our people and produce the best possible results by working together. It helps the creation of new relationships between people in the workplace and lets managers discover new skills that were previously not apparent when employees were simply exerting effort to meet the demands of their job description.

Research after research has shown how team building and specially planned activities contribute far more to the welfare, productivity and morale of employees and to the success of a business.

Mission Statement

To actively foster an inclusive environment where diverse work experiences, life styles and cultures successfully co-exist, where differences are fully valued, respected and supported.

Goals of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team:

1. To cultivate a dynamic atmosphere where individuals are empowered to contribute at their full potential to advance and enrich the organization beyond the sum of its individual parts;

2. To serve as a communication channel, developing partnerships with organizations and other departments also focused on the work of diversification and inclusion, expanding credibility and trust within the UC community.

What is the definition of Diversity & Inclusion?

Campus Services Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team

Campus Services Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team includes representatives from all Campus Services departments.  The team will create programs and activities as guided by the department’s strategic priorities and initiatives that will help Campus Services employees strive to respect, appreciate, and value individual differences so that we can capitalize on the strengths of a diverse workforce to better perform our mission through teamwork and innovation. 

As stated in our strategic priorities and Initiatives, campus services will have a diverse, trained and continuously developing team by:

  • Preparing our staff to be responsible, responsive and ready for the next career opportunity
  • Developing a reporting format and action plan for diversity efforts within Campus Services
  • Creating an environment that will make employees feel valued, respected and supported

If you would like to have a safe place to share concerns, ask questions or have comments, please contact the Campus Services Diversity Team by e-mailing: Alecia Trammer, 

Conversations are confidential and will help us in striving to create the best workplace for everyone.

If you have suggestions for the committee, please e-mail: Alecia Trammer,

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