Campus Services Insider

Campus Services Insider
UC Parking Services maintenance crew is responsible for all maintenance and cleaning of the garages and lots, as well as repair to the access systems. They are also considered essential staff and provide snow removal and de-icing for all campus garages and drives.
The field services staff are responsible for taking care of the customers in the field, including writing citations.
The service center staff provide customer support and communications.

Count on Parking Like 1-2-3

“Find out what we're made of  |  When we are called to help our friends in need  |  You can count on me like 1 2 3”
(Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars, “Count on Me," 2010)

The Old and the New TUC

UC Parking Services Staff, Row 1: Jessica Flanagan, Kendra Violet, Darlene Whitehead. Row 2: Dave Brinker, Marnita Woolfork, Rich DePrato, Fred Parrillo, Lisa Bunkley. Row 3: Justin Kristy, Ephrem Tefera, Vanessa Gardner, Miriam Gaines, Jack McMahon, Mike Foster.

Inside the new Rec Center

Life is full of assumptions, and just one of them has to do with parking! When heading to campus each day, one assumes that, 1) a convenient and safe campus parking spot will be found until it’s time to head home, 2) all the roadways on campus will be shoveled, salted and ready to go when there’s wintry weather, and 3) when returning to the vehicle at the end of the day, if there’s car trouble, UC’s Motorist Assistance will be there to help. 

At the University of Cincinnati, Parking staff are dedicated to providing essential services that allow students, employees, alums and the community to assume excellent levels of support. Countless hours have been invested in delivering services that are there when needed and which further the mission of the university, allowing the university community to depend on them 24-7-365.

Ephrem Tefera

"Based on predictions and past need, we bought about 3 metric tons of salt this fall in preparation for de-icing the campus roadways this winter."
– Ephrem Tefera, Assistant Director, Maintenance, UC Parking Services

Effitient Lighting

1.  Safe and Convenient Parking

Over the years, parking options have changed. Fifteen years ago, UC was a drive-through commuter campus, with parking spots taking up most available surface spaces. Now, with the development of a world-class pedestrian campus, parking is located on the perimeters of the Uptown campuses, allowing the university to optimize green spaces. UC now provides 11,500 parking spaces across three campuses, housed in 11 garages and 23 additional drives and lots.

Campus safety is of paramount importance. As a result, campus garages have been or are in the process of converting to brighter and more efficient lighting. In addition, Parking Services implemented changes to late night discount parking in 2015, offering a reduced fee of $1 for extended evening hours in Woodside Garage – the cost of half a candy bar! This provides increased safety for those students studying on campus from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Drive-through campus

Revenue and fees

2.  Optimizations Through Investments in New Technologies

In order to continue to deliver top services to our university community, Parking Services has recently invested in new parking technology. In 2015, a new garage access system was installed in partnership with T2 UNIFI, the industry leader in chip and AVI reader parking access, for setting up, issuing, tracking, and managing parking permits – with the choice of the new UC ID, hang tags, or fast passes. The timing of the upgrade was accelerated by the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and new Europay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV) standards, based on secure chip-pay technology.

The new software and equipment allows improved user gate access, and will lead to further parking optimization through tracking of parking spot usage and remote monitoring. Over the last ten years and during this extensive system transition, Parking Services has been able to maintain an average 1.99 percent increase in parking rates.

The state-of-the-art system upgrade, when complete, will provide users:
  • Online permit purchases. Removing permit distribution from the front office allows service center staff to focus on customer service.
  • Bearcat Card ID conversion into primary pass to access garage.
  • AVI readers, a secondary, hands-free pass that automatically opens gates when the vehicle gets within vicinity of the reader.
  • Pay on foot stations that accept cash placed at every garage; exit lanes will only accept credit cards and Bearcat Card payments, allowing drivers to exit the garage more quickly, and will also create staff efficiencies through decreased need for cash audits on pay-in-lane stations.
  • In-lane customer service intercoms.
  • Credit card on entry that can be utilized for special events.
  • Barcode readers at entrances and exits that can be utilized by departments for special event/daily parking, with online pre-purchase.
  • Motel room key card for entry and exit at Kingsgate garage.
  • Multiple profiles can be attached to a customer, creating access flexibility.
  • Use of apps to be implemented, showing visitors when garages are full prior to arrival at campus.

Motorist Assistance Program

The Motorist Assistance program offers free jumps, unlocks, and tire inflation. Parking Services subcontracts Public Safety to provide these services outside of normal operating hours.


The Bookstore's Computer Shop

EV charging station for electric cars

3.  Convenience Services for the University Community

In addition to delivering safe and affordable parking, Parking Services also provides a wealth of convenience services. Staff provide emergency services such as inflating flat tires, unlocks and jumps for dead batteries, all at no cost to the UC community. In addition, in 2014, two air compressors and two EV charging stations for four electric cars were added to the Uptown campuses.  

Parking Services also supports alternatives to parking via UC shuttles and Night Ride, RideShare Cincinnati, Cincy Red Bike (bike share), and Zip Cars, by providing and servicing free drive and parking areas. And Cincinnati Metro has embraced chip technology, so the new UC ID can be used as a paid bus pass.

Along with servicing students, faculty, staff, and visitors, Parking Services offers free or reduced parking permits to donors, emeriti, and retirees. UC also has community partnerships with Children’s Hospital, the Veterans Administration, and the Cincinnati Zoo for parking overflow.

In the years to come, count on Parking Services to fulfill those assumptions of a safe and clean place to park vehicles on campus, and to provide convenience services to make your life easier!

Supporting the Academic Mission

– Parking Services at the University of Cincinnati is responsible for the university’s parking operations, including management of the permit system, parking enforcement, customer service, motorist assistance, event parking management, parking facility maintenance and renovations. As Parking Services is a self-sustaining unit, receiving no funding from the university, it is responsible for the debt service on new builds and renovations.