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Important Asset Works system change

Surplus Management has discovered a problem with UC departments being able to easily print their own pickup labels.  

We have want to apologize for that problem and also want to offer a simple and inexpensive solution that will work for everyone.

Starting on Monday, April 10th

  • When submitting a Transfer Request and pressing the Pickup Labels button (located in the middle of the page in the Surplus Detail section), you will see a new print format.
  • The new format is designed to print on basic 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper
  • The new format will also print the exact number of labels that is on your Transfer Request.
  • After printing, all you will need to do it cut the individual tags and tape 1 to each item to be picked up.
  • When we were working with the developers, there was a problem with creating a format that would work for label printers, Avery type adhesive labels and plain paper printers.  We decided to choose this option because it provided the least expensive solution for the departments.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to make this lowest cost change work, we had to eliminate all other printing templates.

As a result, the new process requires that


We appreciate everyone's cooperation in helping make this new process work as efficiently and inexpensively as possible