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Surplus Management - Departmental Viewings

University organizational units are encouraged to search our inventory prior to purchasing new assets.  There is no cost to the organizational unit for any item selected as long as the surplus item is used in the organizational unit with their unit head approval. These surplus items are not to be sold or given to individuals for their personal use.  

Delivery is available for large items.




Current Inventory Listing with PHOTOS 

We are in the process of completing a photo inventory of all on-hand assets at our Fishwick location.  Please feel free to click on the following link and search our current inventory either by description or by category.    




New Online Auction Option

UC Surplus Management is now able to offer UC departments an option for sale and removal of large and/or oversized assets taking up valuable space in their departments.

This live online auction option provides departments the opportunity to avoid the cost of using a rigging company for oversized asset removal.  Additionally, for assets that return a high dollar bid at auction, a portion of the proceeds can go back to the department.  The grid below lists the income redistribution levels.  For all information on this program, please contact Surplus Management.

UC Surplus Management - ONSITE auctions revenue distribution guide

Auction Proceeds Range  Department % Surplus % Avg. Sale Price  Department return  Surplus return
$0 to $999 0% 100% $100 $0 $100
$1000 to $4999 20% 80% $2500 $500 $2000
$5000 to $9999 40% 60% $7500 $3000 $4500
$10,000 to $19,999 60% 40% $15,000 $9000 $6000
$20,000 to $49,000 80% 20% $35,000 $28,000 $7000
$50,00 and up 85% 15% $65,000 $55,250 $9750

Note: The selling UC departments are responsible for auction item viewing; and the supervision & safety of the winning bidder during pickup/removal at their location




Viewing Dates & Times


Regular viewing dates and times are Tuesdays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. 

Departmental Viewings

We will be OPEN to UC departments on all Tuesdays from:

September 4th thru December 18th


We will be CLOSED for departmental viewings on the following Tuesdays:

December 25th & January 1st

NEW Required Documentation



Valid UC Staff or Faculty ID (Students must be escorted by a staff member)

Building & Room # - for delivery

Contact name & phone number

Department's Org Unit number (is an 8 digit number starting with a 6)


                                  Location & Parking


Parking is on the south (left) side of the building and there is also signage directing you to the department.

Our location is 5121 Fishwick Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45216

Phone   513-556-5654.  There is also a phone on the exterior of the building near the south entrance door.  To reach Surplus Management, just dial 65654.