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Central Receiving


The mission of Central Receiving is to provide the university community with timely and accurate handling, distribution, and processing of all incoming and outgoing shipments, receivers, and authorized documents validating acceptance of materials, while utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with auditable accountability.


In December, 1978, the Central Receiving Department was established. A division of Purchasing, Central Receiving formally opened February 2, 1979 in Walnut Hills, approximately two miles from the main Clifton campus. The Albers Building, which was previously a food chain store, was converted into a five-bay receiving area with offices and warehousing facilities included.

This innovative receiving and redelivery system was developed to funnel most delivery activities through the main site. As the University of Cincinnati moves toward a pedestrian campus, incoming freight trucks and vendors will experience more difficulty in direct deliveries and, therefore, have a central point of delivery, as was intended 20 years ago.

Equipment Used

Central Receiving utilizes four 16’ cargo trucks with an inside cargo clearance of 7’2" in height and 7’6" across. The tailgate height is 46" off the ground. Overhead clearance for our trucks is 13’. Other freight handling equipment is used: two-wheel dolly, pallet truck (electric and manual) and barrel, furniture and floor dollies.