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Investment Office

Governance and Resources

Endowment Governance and Investment Resources

The UC Investment Office manages Endowment Funds A and C, which represent 73% of the Endowment, and oversees the management of all other Endowment assets.  The Investment Office is overseen by the Investment Committee of the UC Board of Trustees.   The Investment Office is supported internally by the UC offices of the Treasurer and Community Development and externally by two investment consultants.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee of the UC Board of Trustees is comprised of nine members: two UC Trustees, four non-Trustee appointees of the UC Board of Trustees, and three appointees of the University of Cincinnati Foundation.

Investment Consultants

UC currently works with two investment consultants: Fund Evaluation Group and Cambridge Associates. UC engages these groups to expand the fund sourcing, fund due diligence, and analytical resources of UC’s Investment Office; to provide IC members with an outside perspective on the investment program’s performance; to provide additional perspective on industry best practices; and to calculate performance.