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Planning + Design + Construction

Space Management

The Space Management department serves as the central repository for information regarding the university’s institutional space. This information comes in many different forms including floors and data available from the University of Cincinnati Space Management System (UCSMS), data related to our exterior infrastructure which is maintained in the University of Cincinnati Geographic Information System (UCGIS) and the large scale floor plans (blue prints) and other documents maintained in UC Plan Room.  We are also system administration for the Series 25 Scheduling software.

Our mission is to maintain the most accurate possible institutional space data and make that data available to the university community as a resource for making decisions that positively impact our university. In addition to maintaining the data, Space Management also works in conjunction with Campus Planning+Design+Construction and other university departments to use the data to make the best possible decisions regarding the university’s built environment.

Andy Porter
Director, Space Management

Bryan Biehle
Sr. Space Management Analyst

Michael Ross
Plan Room Manager


Scheduling Non Class Events


25Live Upgrade

The University will upgrade 25Live Pro effective October 15, 2019.  Improvements include:

  • Simplified, consolidated navigation
  • Improved look and feel
  • New Event Wizard - faster, modern single-page layout; navigation to specific sections from the event preview to make changes before saving; improved the ability to create repeating event patterns

See below for link to instructions for requesting an event/location in 25Live.

The entire UC community can view 25Live by clicking on the below link:

All have the ability to:

  • Check availability of rooms
  • View information about the rooms (location, capacity, seating, AV equipment, more)
  • Find events that have been entered into 25Live

For those of you who have a UC ID and password, you can request space in university shared spaces.  These spaces include event spaces in TUC, outdoor spaces and some classrooms (after they are released by Classroom Scheduling).  Sign into 25Live by clicking on “Sign In” at the top of the page inside the red band and click the Event Wizard tab to enter an event.  These spaces are managed by Conference and Event Services (CES); if you have questions, contact CES at or call them at 513-558-1810.

For those who do not have a UC ID and password, email Conference and Event Services at or call them at 513-558-1810 to arrange to rent space at UC.

For colleges that use 25Live for scheduling of space within their college, you can log into 25Live to request use of space.  Check with your college to see if 25Live is used for scheduling.

For guidance on requesting an event/location in 25Live:

Click here for instructions, after October 15, 2019, in 25Live Pro

Click here for 25Live updates.

Lois Tiernan
Series 25 Scheduling