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Information for UC Departments

General Information

*The University of Cincinnati and the State of Ohio recognize supplier diversity as an important component of their overall advocacy efforts. In order to maintain a competitive business practice and to enhance our objectives, we encourage opportunities within a diverse market. In support of these efforts the list (at the above link) is provided to organizational units to help meet the university's commitment to supplier diversity and the goals of state and federal programs.

For additional information and assistance regarding supplier diversity, visit the Office of Supplier Diversity or contact the Director of Supplier Diversity.

Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card Program was developed as a process improvement tool for university departments making small dollar purchases. Prior to obtaining a Purchasing Card, you are required to complete the Cardholder on-line training below.  

Purchasing Card

*Cardholders must proceed through the entire training session in the order that the questions appear.  Although it generally takes 20-30 minutes to complete the training, there is no time limit. If you must stop prior to completion, close your browser window and the next time you log into the training session, you will be prompted to choose whether to start over or to continue where you previously stopped. 


Chip and PIN Card Processing

Chip and PIN terminals are becoming more common. To complete a purchase at these terminals, you will need to enter a personal identification number (PIN) rather than provide a signature at the time of checkout. Your PIN will be received in a separate mailer around the time that you received your Purchasing Card.


 Lost PIN

If your original PIN mailer was discarded, lost, or never received, your PIN can be obtained by following the steps in the PIN Recovery document listed below. The verification code that should be entered during this process is 000002014 .

The verification code is needed to follow this step-by-step process to retrieve your PIN here.



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Contracts and RSMLs

For general information regarding choosing the right source to make a purchase, term contracts, and Rental, Service, Maintenance, or Lease Agreements (RSML), refer to Section 2 of the Purchasing Manual.  Please contact the Buyer for additional or clarifying information.

Term Contracts

The first link below opens a list of Term Contracts formulated for the current fiscal year. The second link opens a detailed line item view of active Term Contracts. The third link opens a tutorial that provides an in depth description of Term Contracts and RSMLs.  Vendors desiring to participate in planned contracts must contact the appropriate Buyer to be added to the next bidders list for any particular term contract(s). The table below identifies the corresponding Buyer.

Buying Team by Term Contract Series

Term Contract Number Series


400 through 499      

Carol Moran-Roundtree

500 through 599

Sam Patton

600 through 799

Peggy Chukwudolue

800 through 899

Michael Myres
900 through 999 Cheryl Smith

Avoiding Problems

  • Never request a shipment of goods or services without a university Purchase Order, Small Dollar Invoice, Term Contract Release, Purchasing Card, or other appropriate authorized university form.
  • Never request a vendor to change or cancel an order without processing a Cancellation/Change Order form and promptly submitting it to Central Purchasing.
  • Never sign any kind of contract, commitment, sales order, agreement or legal document from anyone. Documents of this nature must be signed by the appropriate university contracting officer, usually the Board of Trustees, the President, General Counsel, the Director of Purchasing, or their designees. If you need guidance in the approval process, refer to the Office of General Counsel's contracting authority tables or contact a Buyer in the Central Purchasing Department.
  • Never accept equipment on loan over 30 days, or advance design services for any purpose including demonstration and consultation without first processing a requisition and receiving an assignment of a purchase order number, even if there is to be no charge involved.
  • Never make a verbal agreement.

Radioisotope Suppliers

Vendor Discounted Pricing   
Quote No.
Ge Healthcare   
GE H Pricing 7E1920

*Radioisotope orders require pre-approval from the Office of Radiation Safety.

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In accordance with the 2019 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan and the strategic direction of Next Lives Here, the University of Cincinnati Central Purchasing Department directs individual departments to purchase products that are environmentally preferable. Depending on the product these requirements many include:

  • Energy saving, such as ENERGY STAR and EPEAT certified products
  • Recycled content
  • Credit requirements set by LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Reusable, refillable packaging
  • Green Seal, Ecologo certified or other independent eco0labeling certifications
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • Electronic and paperless processes and web-based catalogs
  • Certification that sweat shop labor not be used
  • Purchase local and/or organic produce when possible

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