COVID-19 Updates:

Travel Cancellation Guidance

Travel Booked Through Concur/AAA

If the travel was booked through Concur/AAA, whether for a university member or a guest traveler, please contact AAA for assistance canceling the bookings and information on the ability to obtain a refund or unused ticket with the airline for later use. AAA will be able to specify all options, per the vendors' policies, in addition to any further benefits afforded by our corporate contracts.

If the traveler is only able to obtain an unused ticket for a canceled flight (most likely option), AAA will keep track of those tickets, the Travel team is able to run reporting on them, and the unused ticket will be listed on the traveler's Concur profile for their reference. Depending on the airline, our contract may include the ability to change the name on the unused ticket without a name-change fee; AAA can confirm as they outline the unused ticket's details.


Southwest Airlines is offering additional flexibility to customers with their travel fund expiration dates; please see their notice for details.


Travel Booked Outside of Concur/AAA

We advise travelers to request refunds wherever possible from the vendors they booked with. If the traveler receives an unused ticket to use later rather than a refund, please try to keep track within your department of the available ticket and work with them as much as possible to ensure that ticket is used for university-related travel.

For any guest bookings that were paid for on a p-card, please try to work with the guest to apply any unused tickets to future university-related travel. Otherwise, report the p-card transaction like normal.


Reimbursements for Canceled Travel?

Per the travel policy, as long as the travel expenses were not incurred due to the traveler's failure to cancel in a timely fashion, they are still entitled to reimbursement for their expenses.

Otherwise, costs incurred by a traveler's failure to cancel reservations in a timely fashion are the responsibility of the traveler and will not be reimbursed by the university.


Cancelling Concur Travel Requests

Cancelling a request in Concur does not automatically cancel any travel bookings associated with it. Please go through the methods listed above to handle, after which you can cancel the request in Concur by clicking into it and using the "Cancel Request" button. Expenses can still be submitted using a cancelled travel request, so go ahead with processing anything that needs submitted after the request has been cancelled.

After the request has been cancelled, all expenses have been submitted, and there is no remaining action for the trip, please close the travel request to indicate its completion. If you need guidance on cancelling a travel request, please reference our training video. Please make sure that any transactions associated with the travel request are submitted first, as a closed travel request cannot be used to submit expenses. (Please contact for assistance with a travel request closed too early in error).



If there are any questions, please reach out to the Travel Resources team at for assistance.


Airline Advisory Links:






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Other Advisory Links:

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Due to the constantly evolving travel situation, this guidance is subject to updates without notice.