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Best Practice Guide


University of Cincinnati - Concur Best Practices


1.       Attend training classes, open labs, and review travel resource website

Familiarize yourself with Concur to understand the process, procedure and policy.  Training classes are offered in a variety of ways including in person and on-line.  Using the UC Central Travel Resource website will help you navigate through your travel request, booking travel, and submitting your expense reports.

2.       Complete profile

Completing your profile will verify your travel credentials and it will store your travel preferences.  To help populate your receipts in your Concur profile you will need to verify your email address.  Once this is complete, you can forward your receipts to and your itineraries to  The receipts will be ready to attach to your expense transactions.

3.       Book travel via Concur

Booking your travel plans through Concur will allow your itineraries to automatically populate in your trip library and in your expense reports.  Booking flights will allow you to import your itinerary versus manually entering your itinerary.  You also have 24x7 support from AAA Corporate Travel Services, which includes $200K flight insurance.  We also have all university preferred and discounted vendors loaded in Concur.

4.       Expedite receipts to your Receipt Library

Take a picture of your receipt on the Concur mobile app, upload a picture of your receipt from your camera phone, or forward emailed receipts to (verify email in profile).

5.       Check p-card transactions as they post

You will receive an email when you have a p-card charge post into your Concur “Available Expenses”.  Move them into an expense report (travel or non-travel), define your expense type, allocate, and attach receipt (if applicable).  At the end of the trip (for travel) or at the end of the month (for non-travel) submit your report.

6.       When to submit your expense report?

Submit one non-travel expense report each month. However, expenses can be added, and information edited, until you submit the expense report.

Submit one travel expense report that contains all related expenses to each trip if possible.  If your travel expenses involve mileage, non-overnight, or local and parking only, your expense report can contain all trips made during a designated time (e.g., one month of travel between the University’s campuses for training purposes).

7.       Check totals prior to submitting

This valuable feature within the report details provides a summary of the funds due to company, employee and p-card.