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Training Videos and Guides

Category Title Guide Video
General Info/Getting Started AP Transition to Concur X  
AP Vendor ID UCFLEX-FB03 X  
AP Payment Confirmation UCFlex-XK03 X  
Concur Icon Descriptions X  
Concur Roles X  
Travel and Expense Workflow X  
Travel Advances X  
Independent Reviewer X  
Setting Up Your Travel Profile X  
Travel Requests Course PowerPoint: Travel Requests & Expense Reports X  
Closing a Request   X
Expense Reports Course PowerPoint: Travel Requests & Expense Reports X  
Course PowerPoint: Non-Travel Expense Reports X  
Concur Expense Quick Start Guide X  
Adding a Request to an Expense Report   X
Adding an Itinerary/Per Diem to an Expense Report X X
Correcting the Itinerary One Row Error   X
Per Diem Reduction X  
Correcting and Resubmitting Returned Expense Reports X  
Guest Reimbursements  X  
How to Edit Multiple Fields in an Expense Report X  
How to Add Receipts to an Approved Expense Report X  
Missing Receipt Affidavit  X  
Reconciling Cash Advance X  
Entering Personal Car Mileage   X
Same-Day Travel Mileage Reimbursement X  
Splitting a Transaction by Expense Type X  
Working with Available Receipts   X
Itemizing Lodging Expenses   X
Adding Attendees to a Business Meal   X
Approvals Concur PowerPoint: Approving Travel & Expense Reports X  
Accessing Concur Intelligence Reporting X  
How to Access Past Approvals X  
How to Forward an Expense Report Approval X  
Viewing Approvers for Concur in UCFlex X  
Moblie Approvals for iOS Devices X  
Moblie Approvals for Android Devices X  
Delegates Adding a Delegate X X
Acting as a Delegate X X
P-Cards Adding P-Card Expenses to a Expense Report   X
My P-Card Paid for Another’s Travel Expense X  
Personal Non-reimbursable Expenses X  
P-Card Credits   X  
P-Card Fraudulent/Disputed Activity in Concur X  
Mobile Concur Mobile X  
ExpenseIT Assistant X  
Mobile Approvals for iOS Devices X  
Mobile Approvals for Android Devices X