Who do I contact?


AAA Corporate Travel Supportprovides 24 hour support for Travel Bookings


Accounts Payable provides assistances with Expense Report processes


Concur User Supportprovides 24 hour assistances with Travel Requests and Expense Reports


Controller’s Office - manages the change of cost object approvers (COA) along with providing assistances on the selection of expense types (formerly known as GL’s)


Purchasing (P-Card) – provides support with questions regarding P-Card applications, P-Card policy, and missing transactions in Concur


Sponsored Research Services provides assistances when allocating grant related expenses in Concur


UC’s Travel Resource Office – provides assistances with Concur system questions, travel bookings in Concur, Travel request, Expense reports, Concur Cognos reporting and much more



If you are unsure who to direct your questions to, please email and the Travel Resource Office will help route your question.