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Commonly Requested Info About UC

This page is intended to provide UC and external users with commonly requested points of financial information about the university.  This information is often requested by outside parties on their own Vendor Registration Forms that they ask UC departments to complete.

UC employees may enter this information on any such forms, and may sign those forms if needed.



The university's federal Taxpayer/Employer Identification Number (TIN / EIN) is 31-6000989.  Our legal name which MUST be used with that number is University of Cincinnati.

Our IRS Form W-9 is available online at

The university is exempt from federal income tax as a state government entity under Internal Revenue Code section 115.

The university is not a "501(c)(3) organization".  Accordingly, the university does not file an annual IRS Form 990.

Because UC is not a 501(c)(3) organization, we do not possess an official IRS Determination Letter for such certification.  As a substitute, we do provide this certification of UC's tax status.  Departments are welcome to provide that letter to outside parties.

For questions like "Type of Entity", departments should select College/University, Educational Institution, State Government or Government Entity if those options are offered.  If not, then select Other or Nonprofit.

The university is exempt from paying Ohio sales tax on our purchases.  Our Ohio vendor's license number for sales tax purposes is 89-132389.  A copy of our Ohio sales tax exemption certificate is available at



The university's DUNS number is 04-106-4767.

Our primary SIC code is 8221.  Our primary NAICS code 611310.  Both refer to Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools.

The university was founded in 1819.

The university's equivalent of Articles of Incorporation is the language of Ohio Revised Code chapter 3361

Copies of the university's audited Annual Financial Reports (Statements) are available at

The university is not owned by any individuals or entities, other than the State of Ohio itself.  Accordingly, the university does not meet any criteria as being "minority-owned", "woman-owned", or any other similar designation based on characteristics of individual owners.