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Personal Services Contracts (PSCs)

After June 30, 2020, UC will begin accepting Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) and the following related forms by electronic submission through the PSC Portal:

  • Contractor Status Questionaires (CSQ's)
  • OPERS Independent Contractor/Worker Acknowledgement (Form PEDACKN)
  • STRS Determination of STRS Ohio Membership for Contracted Services
All ofther forms listed under the Tax Resources tab are one page in length and will remain in paper format.
While we may continue to accept paper submissions of these three forms on a case by case basis until July 30, 2020, we would strongly encourage all departments to begin submitting these forms electonically.  After July 30, 2020, no PSCs or the above three forms will be accepted in paper format.  All forms, with the sole exception of the OPERS PEDACKN form may be signed electronically. 
The PSC - The Quick Start Guide contains detailed instructions.