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Student SSN Requests

UC is required by federal tax law to include each student's US Social Security Number (SSN) on the IRS Form 1098-T that we issue annually to each student.

Failing to provide UC with your SSN has possible tax consequences for you, and for the university.

For US students, you or your family may be eligible to claim a federal tax credit for tuition amounts that you pay from your own funds or with student loans.  These credits can be worth as much as $2,500 per year.  You receive those tax credits by claiming them directly on your annual tax return.

However, IRS will try to compare the information from your tax return to your Form 1098-T for that year.  If UC is not able to include your SSN on your Form 1098-T, then IRS will not be able to perform that comparison.  This often results in IRS delaying your tax credit, and mailing you a letter asking you to submit proof that you paid the tuition amounts you claimed.

Of course, IRS uses that type of letter with numerous students, including those who have provided their SSN to UC.  However, your probability of receiving that IRS letter is much greater if you haven't provided UC with your SSN.

The federal government also has the power to impose penalties against UC for our submission of Forms 1098-T without a student's SSN.  If any such penalties do get asserted against UC, we reserve the right to bill any student for their allocable portion of those penalties, if the student has a SSN but chose not to provide it to UC.