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If one does choose to join ROTC and ultimately enter the United States Air Force, one of the most important decisions to make is what job to pursue. The Air Force mirrors the civilian business world, and thus, all manner of jobs are available from careers in law to engineering, medicine, and of course becoming a pilot. About halfway through the ROTC program, cadets begin considering what their Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) will be. Each different code describes a specific job in the Air Force.

The Air Force ROTC program encourages cadets to prepare themselves thoroughly for choosing an AFSC not only through class curriculum but also through mentoring. Detachment Cadre, as well as cadet officers, are there every step of the way to educate, motivate, and lead younger cadets to make informed and enjoyable career choices.    

You can start your own job search right here. Read up on all of the AFSCs the Air Force has to offer in the Air Force Officer Classification Directory (AFOCD) located in the Resources tab. You can also look at the link below.