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Official Air Force Publications

* AFROTCI 36-2010
Cadet Training Programs.
* AFROTCI36-2011.pdf
Cadet Operations
* AETCI 48-101
Safety information relating to heat stress.
* AFI 36-2905
AFROTC Fitness program.
* AFI 36-2903
Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.
* AFI 36-2903 Supplement
Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel Supplement.
* AFH 33-337
The Tongue and Quill
* afpam10-100.pdf
Airman's Manual March 2009.
Air Force Officer Classification Directory.
* AFMAN 36-2203
Drill and Ceremonies manual.
AFROTC Ribbon Chart.
* Air Force Core Values
The Little Blue Book: Guide to the Air Force Core values.