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Agreements and Contracts

•  Professional Design Services Agreement
•  Construction Management Services Agreement
•  Standard Conditions of Contract for Construction (Front End)
    Instruction Sheet (for Associates)
    Cover Page
    Table of Contents
    Notice to Bidders
    Instructions to Bidders - Includes:
      Article 1 Contract Information
      Article 2 Bidding Procedures
      Article 3 Bid Opening and Consideration of Bids
      Article 4 Withdrawal of Bid
      Article 5 Bid Estimate
      Article 6 Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond
      Article 7 Contract Award and Execution
      Article 8 Applicable Law and Forum
    Bid Form
    Responsible Bidder Information Form
    Contract Form
    Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond Form
    General Conditions - Includes:
      Article 1 General Provisions
      Article 2 The Contractor
      Article 3 The Associate
      Article 4 Construction Phase Coordination
      Article 5 University's Rights and Responsibilities
      Article 6 Time
      Article 7 Changes in the Work
      Article 8 Dispute Resolution Procedure
      Article 9 Contractor Payment
      Article 10 Final Inspection and Acceptance
      Article 11 Contract Completion
      Article 12 Insurance
      Article 13 Contract Termination
      Article 14 Shop Drawings and Samples
      Article 15 Subcontractors and Material Suppliers
      Article 16 Indemnification
      Article 17 Audits and Records
      Article 18 Prevailing Wage Payroll Submittals
      Article 19 Performance Evaluations
      Article 20 Miscellaneous
    Special Conditions
    Special Conditions - Safety
    Safety Program
    Change Order Procedure and Pricing Guidelines
    Wage Rates




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