COVID-19 Updates:

Merchant FAQs

Thank you for your interest in accepting the Bearcat Card (BCC), which is a way for UC students and merchants to conduct transactions with minimal risk, greater convenience, and improved accuracy. For your benefit, we have provided answers to merchants’ most frequently asked questions of us regarding BCC. Feel free to call our office at 556-2000 if you have any questions not covered on this site.

Merchant Testimonial:

"I cannot imagine opening a business near UC's Campus without the Bearcat Card. It’s not just that it’s an amazing convenience for the students; it’s the fantastic support! We are involved in several campuses and nowhere does the support match the team behind the Bearcat Card.
Easy to set up. Easy to use. Convenient for everyone. Students expect to use it and look for the businesses that promote it.
I cannot more strongly recommend every new business work with the team behind the card and carry the Bearcat Card day one!"
- Scott Nelowet
French Fry Heaven