Course/Class Fee Opt-Out

In an effort to protect students and ensure their best interest, the U.S. Department of Education published new rules (34CFR668.161-167) via the Federal Register on October 30, 2015. The Program Integrity and Improvement rules require the University of Cincinnati to provide students the ability to opt-out of course/class fees associated with books or supplies.

34CFR668.164 (c)(2) page 67196 (PDF page 72):

(2) An institution may include the costs of books and supplies as part of tuition and fees under paragraph (c)(1)(i) of this section if — (i) The institution —
(A) Has an arrangement with a book publisher or other entity that enables it to make those books or supplies available to students below competitive market rates;
(B) Provides a way for a student to obtain those books and supplies by the seventh day of a payment period; and
(C) Has a policy under which the student may opt out of the way the institution provides for the student to obtain books and supplies under this paragraph (c)(2). A student who opts out under this paragraph (c)(2) is considered to also opt out under paragraph (m)(3) of this section;

The University takes your education seriously. In addition to negotiating huge discounts, we coordinate with Follett and the publisher to deliver your books through Blackboard, so it is available the first day of class. Opting-out of the fee, and the automatic delivery of the electronic book and materials, will hinder your success in this class and IS NOT recommended.

Students wishing to exercise their right to opt-out of an eligible course/class fee should download the Course Fee Opt-Out Form, complete, sign, and then email the completed form to Andy Jones at

 Effective Summer Semester 2019 the deadline to submit an opt-out request is the 15th day of the term. Allow 2-3 days for processing. During peak times it may take longer so please plan accordingly so you meet the deadline.

* Course/Class Fee Opt-Out Form (116.9 KB)
This is the form students are required to complete and email to to opt-out of an eligible course or class fee assessed to their bill.