Balance Due with Future Term Enrollment Cancellation Policy

Students who have an unpaid balance due to UC for a current or previous term may be blocked from enrolling for a future term.  Yet, because early registration dates for future terms may precede the payment deadline for a current term, or because of other individual situations, some students with unpaid balances will have been able to enroll for a future term.  Students who have an unpaid balance yet who managed to enroll in classes for a future term will have fourteen (14) calendar days to pay their past due balance in its entirety or their enrollments for that future term may be administratively cancelled.  A registration block will prevent re-enrollment into administratively cancelled classes.  The registration block will be removed only when the entire balance has been paid in full.  Once the registration block is removed following full payment, then the student must attempt re-enrollment into the previously-enrolled classes or enrollment into other open classes using either on-line or in-person registration.  The student’s administratively-cancelled class enrollments will not be reinstated automatically upon payment of the unpaid balance.  Enrollment into classes following administrative cancellation is solely the student’s responsibility.  Understand that your attempt to re-enroll into the classes for which you were previously enrolled prior to the administrative cancellation for non-payment will be on a first-come/first-served basis and the classes may be closed by the time of your attempt.  It is therefore in your best interest to avoid administrative cancellation for non-payment by paying your tuition and fee bill in full each term by the established deadline.

Be advised that every effort (letters, e-mails, etc.) will be made to notify students when they are at risk for administrative enrollment cancellation for non-payment.  Each student, however, is  responsible both for monitoring his/her student bill on a regular basis and for ensuring all fees are paid by the due date.  The student solely is responsible for the administrative enrollment cancellation and/or late payment fee consequences arising from non-payment and/or late payment.