Student Housing Accommodation Request Form

Faxed Documents:

As the University of Cincinnati is working remotely, Accessibility Resources staff will not be able to check our fax machine to retrieve any documentation. Therefore, please do not submit documentation or other documents via fax to our office. Our preferred method is for you to upload your documentation in the form on this page. This will allow the Accessibility Resources staff member to view all of your documents at one time to determine eligibility for services. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:   

The University of Cincinnati recognizes that students with disabilities may require a housing accommodation to fully participate in the residential component of the university experience. Accessibility Resources actively works with Housing to provide housing accommodations within our residential communities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADA.AA). Specific housing accommodations due to disability must be identified by a qualified professional and approved through Accessibility Resources.

All students interested in a Housing accommodation must apply to Housing FIRST or must have an existing placement/room within Housing. This action will alert Housing that you're interested in housing for the upcoming term. Accessibility Resources cannot process a request for an accommodation without an active application for Housing. Visit housing’s website to apply for Housing,

If you need assistance in completing this form or require accommodations to do so, please contact Accessibility Resources 513-556-6823 or email .