Good-to-Go Documentation Checker

Fall 2022 Registration

Accessibility Resources will be accepting new applications for incoming first-year students for Fall 2022 beginning Monday, May 30.

No applications will be reviewed prior to this date.

Is your documentation Good-to-Go?

If documentation is submitted, we recommend it contain these elements:

  1. Documentation should be generated by a physician who is qualified to comment on your disability
  2. Documentation by your qualified professional or evaluation forms (IEP, 504, etc.) should be on letterhead or the school/district name is identifiable 
  3. Documentation should have a diagnosis of disability that limits a major life activity
  4. Documentation should clearly demonstrate the impact of your disability within the academic environment 
  5. Documentation should include a list of reasonable, appropriate accommodations that will lessen the impact of the disability within the academic setting 

If your documentation includes all 5 elements, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!