Registration - Summer 2024

Step 1: Complete a New Student Registration Form and Upload Documentation

Students who require academic accommodations due to a disability will initiate the registration process by completing a New Student Registration Form.

Documentation is not required to register for services. However, if it is available, it can be a useful tool and help to ensure that the full consideration of the impact of your disability on the academic environment is considered. 

If you would like to submit documentation, please use our Documentation Submission Form.

Additionally, the reasonableness and necessity of requested accommodations may not be able to be determined without it, so students may be requested to provide documentation if: 

  • Documentation would help the student and AR staff identify barriers and workable solutions for accommodations 
  • Documentation would make the connection between the academic environment and the disability that is not readily apparent through the student’s narrative 

We can accept documentation from a variety of sources including; IEPs, 504 Plans, psychological evaluations, medical records and letters provided by qualified medical professionals.

Students may also request their medical professional complete a Medical Professional Disability Verification Form.

Step 2: Student Registration Meeting

Once students have submitted their registration form, and uploaded any relevant documentation or additional paperwork, they will receive an email regarding the status of their application within 5 business days. This email will have instructions on how to schedule their registration meeting. 

Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis through an interactive dialogue at their registration meeting. This meeting is the student's opportunity to share their past experiences and what is currently or may be impactful during their collegiate studies.

During the registration meeting, students and their Access Coordinator (AC) will discuss the impact of their disability/disabilities within the academic setting, identify barriers that may be present during their time at the University of Cincinnati, and what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate.

Registration is considered complete after the meeting is concluded.

Registration meetings are offered in-person, via phone, or virtually, via Teams or Zoom platforms.