Birthday Parties

We are not currently offering Birthday Parties at this time. Please check back for more information.


  • One adult may be responsible for no more than five children five years of age and younger.
  • All participants must wear non-marking shoes (gym shoes).
  • Children must be at least 5 years old and able to fit in available equipment to use the climbing or bouldering walls.
  • All participants 17 years old and younger are required to wear a helmet at all times in the Climbing Wall.
  • Parties may have food and drinks; however everything must stay in the Party Room.
  • Parties with 25 or fewer children may bring food and drinks. Parties with 26 children or more must use Classic Fare Catering for their food and beverage needs.
  • Parties are responsible for cleaning up after themselves when finished.
  • A cleaning fee of $25 will be added to total cost if areas are left unusable once party is finished.
  • Balloons are not permitted in the facility.
  • Since the wet classroom is in the pool area, the temperature is the same as that of the pool deck.  It will be warm if you’re in jeans/long sleeves or if you have not been in the pool. Please know this space is meant for an indoor aquatic area and is designed to be utilized by people that have been in and out of the pool.  Adults who are not swimming tend to find it hot and humid (around 87-90 degrees with high humidity).
  • A fee of 150% of the party’s hourly cost will be charged in the case the party stays beyond the scheduled reserved time.
  • Due to the unique set-up of our facility, no leisure pool reservation is private.
  • Children five years of age and younger must be accompanied in the water by an adult (and the adult must actively participate in activities with the child). Lifeguards will remind adults of this policy, if needed, and may require an adult to be in the water with older children who are deemed weak swimmers.
  • One adult may be responsible for no more than three children five years of age and younger.
  • Children using arm floats, inflatable rings or toys, or life jackets must be no more than an arm’s length from an adult in the water at all times.

Review the comprehensive list of Campus Recreation rules and regulations.