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#Wegotus is a social justice call to action at the University of Cincinnati aimed to create supportive spaces, platforms, and programming for communities of color impacted by the complex realities of discrimination and racism. 

Who We Are

The mission is to raise awareness of the effects that acts of racism, discrimination, and micro-aggressions can have on the mental and emotional wellbeing in people of color; and the actions steps to take towards healing.

#Wegotus takes an intersectional approach that holistically looks at how the intersects of one’s identity (race, ethnicity, sex, ability, age, religion, & more) can create unique experiences that when overlapped (racism, discrimination, micro-aggressions) can result in trauma and suffering. Therefore, #Wegotus aims to create change on systemic, institutional, and individual levels.

Current Programming and Future Initiatives  

#Wegotus Group

#Wegotus group is a weekly support group held at CAPS for students of color who are often navigating a complex and difficult university environment. The focus of this group is to create space for students of color to connect over experiences, support one another, and gain wisdom and energy from each other. Topics covered in the group will vary based on the members’ preferences, but some examples include but are not limited to: micro aggressions, pressure to prove yourself, feeling like you don’t fit in, discrimination, first-generation college student, family issues, and academic issues/concerns, romantic relationships, sexism, racism, imposter syndrome, stereotype threat, self-awareness, self-esteem, emotional health issues and other stressors related to being a person of color in this university environment.

#Wegotus “Woke-shops”

#Wegotus “woke-shops” are weekly informal drop-in workshops located at AACRC for students of color that discuss mental wellness topics from a racial, political, and social justice perspective. These workshop series addresses issues such as racial fatigue, intersectionality, navigating mental health as a person of color, mindfulness and social justice work, and non-western healing practices. Each 90-minute drop-in workshop will be a different topic and will include time for discussion and questions. Some topics may be focused on certain populations whereas others may be broad topics that impact a variety of marginalized identities.

Upcoming Groups, "Woke-shops" and Initiatives

  • #Wegotus group at CAPS
  • #Wegotus “woke shops” at AACRC
  • #Wegotus social media platforms
  • #Wegotus Podcast?
  • #Wegotus launch video/Timeline
  • #Wegotus F.I.T C.A.R.E model

-Developed to assess intersectional and race-based stress in people of color and holistic approaches to healing.



  • Fall launch
  • #Wegotus Welcome Week
  • Social media campaign
  • Collaboration with student organizations and campus partners.
  • Fill squad positions
  • Marketing


  • Since spring of 2018 #Wegotus has held 14 workshops at AACRC.
  • Since Spring of 2018 #Wegotus has held 2 outreach programs in collaboration with two student organizations