Get to Know José Francisco Avilés-Acosta, PsyD (Elle|They|Them)

José in their office

Clinical Services Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator|Licensed Psychologist 

I am a non-binary Boricua and a licensed Clinical Psychologist here within the state of Ohio. You can find me at the Main CAPS location at 225 Calhoun. In addition, I am the Clinical Services Coordinator for Diversity Equity and Inclusion—which allows me to train colleagues and trainees with frameworks of Liberation and Decolonial Psychologies. I liaison with the Resident Education and Development (RED), and Ethnic Program and Services (EPS). I pursued my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Albizu University in my home island, Borikén (Puerto Rico). I have also received additional trainings in Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapies for Bipolar Disorders, Liberation and Decolonial Psychologies, Psychodrama, Art Therapy, and Relationship Therapy. On a little academic side note, I am engaged in various research projects of Clinical Supervision and am a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati.

As a therapist, I want you to participate and I will collaborate with you. I focus on understanding how your daily life is affected by what motivates you to access services. This will help us identify the resources we need to reach your goals, and the action steps that need to be taken to address your concerns. My filter in therapy is “How useful is this?”—and you decide that.

Some of my interests and work experience includes LGBTQIA+ people and issues, non-monogamous people and relationships, mood disorders, existential anxiety, transitions, relational concerns, multidimensional boundaries, lifestyle management, sleep hygiene, financial management, emotional regulation, international students and their challenges in an unknown space and culture.

On a non-clinical dimension, I have published four collections of poetry. My previous work experiences include hairstyling and retail at Sally Beauty. Mopping is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy moving about (because staying still makes me sleepy), and a lot of my cooking either involves flan or putting adobo and sofrito on everything. My favorite Instagram accounts at the time I wrote this are: @gotitasdepoliamor, @cooking_con_omi, and @gaziello