Equity and Inclusion

Founding and Mission

The division’s Equity & Inclusion (E&I) Committee was founded in fall 2015 by Dr. Robin Arnsperger-Selzer in the campus climate following the police shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

The E&I Committee is open to all faculty and staff in the Division. We meet the first Wednesday of each month from 1-2 p.m.

The E&I Committee is charged with:

  1. Providing overall leadership on matters related to equity and inclusion for the Division;
  2. Advocating for the recruitment and representation of diverse faculty and staff and encouraging diversity initiatives that enhance retention, advancement and engagement of diverse people throughout the Division;
  3. Enhancing collaborations within the Division that support research interests in the area of diversity and inclusion;
  4. Recruiting and encouraging faculty, staff, students and administrators to participate in professional development that supports and enhances an inclusive and culturally competent environment, and
  5. Monitoring progress on strategic diversity indicators and standards to ensure responsibility and accountability for achieving diversity, multiculturalism, cultural competency and affirmative-action-related goals and objectives.

The E&I Committee spearheaded the development of the division's Values Statement.

Campus Resources

The Committee for Equity and Inclusion in Advising (CEIA) lists campus resources of particular interest to academic advisors.

Additional resources for students, faculty and staff are available through the University's Office of Equity and Inclusion.