Resume Checklist

Since resumes involve a lot of detail and careful formatting, it is easy to have mistakes. The last stage of developing your resume should include a meticulous review of formatting and content and a careful search for typographical errors. Even better, have a friend or family member do a final check of your resume.


  • Is the resume an appropriate length (1-2 pages)?
  • Is first and last name at the top of the page and in bold? Are the address, phone number, and email address easy to read?
  • Does Education follow directly after the contact information?
  • Is formatting (e.g. bold, font, bullets, heading styles) consistent throughout the resume? Are headings and statements evenly spaced? Are dates evenly aligned along the right margin of the page?
  • Are verbs in present tense for current experiences, and past tense for previous experiences?
  • Are there one to four statements in bulleted format under the Experience section?


  • If used, does the Objective statement clearly state industry, position, and two to three skill sets?
  • Does the resume include appropriate headings, such as Education, Experience, Activities/Leadership/Service, and Skills?
  • Does the Education section state official degree name and graduation date? Is the cumulative GPA included if higher than 3.0? Is my GPA accurate and not rounded up?
  • Do the bulleted descriptions demonstrate major accomplishments rather than routine tasks or duties, and are they quantified when possible?
  • Do the bulleted descriptions start with action verbs and demonstrate the use of key skills?
  • Is the resume free from personal pronouns (no “I,” “we,” “me,” “us,” or “my”)?
  • Is the resume free from spelling, punctuation, abbreviation and grammatical errors?