On-Campus Co-op

An on-campus co-op experience provides a student with the unique opportunity to earn academic credit while doing meaningful, part-time work on campus. In this way, campus employers contribute to student success.

Under UC’s strategic direction Next Lives Here, the nature of co-op is expanding to serve a wider range of UC students. Building on our signature full-time co-op programs, we are creating flexible pathways to meaningful, career-oriented, compensated experiences for all UC students.

Co-op experiences are career-oriented, transcripted, and compensated. They require academic preparation, faculty mentorship and assessment, and guided student reflection that integrates the work experience with the student’s learning goals and academic curriculum.

Paid, Meaningful, Part-Time, On-Campus Work + Academic Course = On-Campus Co-op

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On-Campus Partners

A growing number of campus employers offer on-campus co-ops, including:

What Others Are Saying

“The chance to work with students is very valuable. They are great at helping me learn, brainstorm and tap into their resources. They bring a great energy to the office. It’s great to help them learn and grow and be more marketable.” - Michele Ralston, Provost's Office, Next Lives Here Communications Director

“[The content of the internship course] is [something] we just don't have time to go over with the students. [Since] all I have to do is write this into the offer letter and then send names, this is a no-brainer.” - Lizz Warren, Arts & Sciences

Headshot of Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

On-Campus Co-op Program Director