How to Create an On-Campus Co-op

The process to create an on-campus co-op position is simple:

  1. Look at your current student worker positions and identify those that can be transitioned to an on-campus co-op.
    1. For example, “Student Worker” could become “Academic Support Co-op."
    2. On-Campus Co-op Program Director Kelly Thompson can help you with this step.
  2. Modify the job description with the new job title and the requirement that the student take the online reflection course while employed.
    1. Inform your Human Resources (HR) representative of the change in job title and (if applicable) pay rate.
  3. Determine a timeline for posting the job, interviewing and making the offer. Determine the student's start date and the semester in which the student will take the academic course.
  4. Post the position in Handshake only. UC Central Human Resources recommends this to streamline the hiring process; see next step.
  5. Hire and on-board the student using a Start Hire PCR form (or NRE form) through your HR representative.
  6. Once the student accepts, notify Kelly Thompson with the student’s name, M-number, and start date, so she can enroll the student in the online course.

Best Practices

To make the most of your efforts to employ students in on-campus co-op, we recommend these best practices:  

  • Build your brand on campus by participating in on-campus recruiting events, even if you are not hiring at that time.
  • Pay a competitive wage. View average co-op pay rates for UC students, including on-campus co-ops.
  • Look for equity and inclusion workshops for on-campus supervisors offered by the Peer Education Network (PEN).
  • Use Federal Work-Study dollars where possible.
    • If you hire a student who is eligible for federal work-study aid, these funds can pay up to 75% of the student’s wages, so your department only pays 25%.
    • Some campus departments can state their preference for a work-study-eligible student in the job description and corresponding advertisements.
    • Find out more about Federal Work-Study on UC’s Financial Aid website.
Headshot of Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

On-Campus Co-op Program Director