Wage Assistance for Non-Profits

This page will be removed after July 1, 2021. Please visit the new HireUC.com now for the latest information for current and prospective employers and partners.

Non-Profit employers can hire students as apprentices and use up to $1,000 wage assistance to help offset their costs.

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Boasting one of the largest service learning programs in the world with more than 6,000 students per year, UC's NEXT Apprenticeship Program presents SERVE-IT Solutions. This innovative program provides non-profits the option to have computing and informatics-related projects, such as website development or database management, completed in a cost-effective and mutually impactful way.

As the University of Cincinnati seeks to broaden its impact in the community, connecting nonprofits with trained student talent is crucial. After students complete courses to prepare for computing- and informatics-related apprenticeships, nonprofits can hire students as apprentices and receive up to $1000 per student to help pay the student's wages.

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Paula Harper

Assistant Director, Partnership Development

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