Student Engagement

Partners and students connecting to learn, share and solve complex business problems and social issues (student focus groups, lunch & learn partner presentations, guest lectures, sponsored classes).

Solve a Business Problem

Come to us with a thorny or complex business problem, and we’ll put our best minds to work on it.

UC Forward is a teaching and learning initiative that pairs students and faculty from diverse disciplines with collaborators and experts from outside the university to create innovative and transformative answers to pressing and complex real-world challenges.

You gain visibility, enthusiasm, and innovative solutions to real problems as students produce and present tangible deliverables that benefit you.

Meanwhile, students learn vital techniques in innovation, collaboration, and tapping their creativity to solve problems.

UC Forward works with for-profit companies, not-for-profit organizations, schools, start-ups, and everything in between. If you have an interesting pitch or idea, we’d love to hear about it. See examples of recent UC Forward projects.

Contact UC Forward Director Frank Russell to learn how we can work with you.

Address a Social Issue

Nonprofits deal with some of the most complex issues of modern urban society: hunger, homelessness, addiction, poverty, obesity, illiteracy…the list goes on.

What if you could convene a group of University of Cincinnati students and teachers, many of them experts in their fields, to take a fresh approach to these issues?

As an urban, public university, UC is positioned to address these issues and help students develop a sense of social responsibility in the process.

We might, for example:

  • Create a Service Learning Collaboratory course around the issue
  • Develop a UC Forward course to tackle the problem from multiple angles
  • Connect you with UC faculty who are looking for a problem like yours for students to work on in class. For example, students could conduct market research, design a website, write a series of articles or blog posts, create videos, or analyze data and present findings.

Let’s see what we can do together. Contact Service Learning director Michael Sharp at