Address a Social Issue

Nonprofits deal with some of the most complex issues of modern urban society: hunger, homelessness, addiction, poverty, obesity, illiteracy…the list goes on.

What if you could convene a group of University of Cincinnati students and teachers, many of them experts in their fields, to take a fresh approach to these issues?

As an urban, public university, UC is positioned to address these issues and help students develop a sense of social responsibility in the process.

We might, for example:

  • Connect you with UC faculty who are looking for a problem like yours for students to work on in class. For example, students could conduct market research, design a website, write a series of articles or blog posts, create videos, or analyze data and present findings.
  • Provide you with funding to pay UC students to work for you
  • Create a Service-Learning Collaboratory course around the issue
  • Develop a UC Forward course to tackle the problem from multiple angles

Let’s see what we can do together.

Headshot of Paula Harper

Paula Harper

Assistant Director, Partnership Development

(513) 556-9811

Headshot of Michael Sharp, Ed.D.

Michael Sharp, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Director of Service-Learning