Remote Work

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The Remote Work Center pioneers the development of strategy, policy and evaluation of the use of cutting-edge hardware, software, and network security technologies to leverage virtual work opportunities for students throughout every industry. Both students and industry/community partners will utilize the Center to learn how to leverage these technologies to further advance their missions through a simulated learning environment.

Many jobs of the future will not be within a single discipline. Rather, positions in transdisciplinary areas such as informatics, cyber-security, health, sustainability, IoT, human factors, and digital communication are projected to be at the forefront of the future of work. The Center provides employment opportunities in these arenas and research on how these transdisciplinary teams interact and how virtual work impacts their team development and productivity. Those companies seeking to expand their remote and virtual workforce with the trained talent from the NEXT Apprenticeship Program will be able to meet the future needs of the future of work. 

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Todd Foley

NEXT Apprenticeship Program