What Students Say

Graduates of the University of Cincinnati’s International Co-op Program offer reflections on their experience.

Alexander Giovannelli, Computer Engineering/ICP German Class of 2018:
"This experience is the most valuable out of all the programs I have participated in during my studies at the University of Cincinnati and has truly changed my life. It has shown me that I am capable of achieving more than I ever imagined and has furthered my desire to study in my field, even if it takes me to a foreign place."

Darius Cepulis, Computer Engineering/ICP German Class of 2018:  
"Knowing German and being ready for the culture made the difference between being a visitor and being immersed. Many people in Germany express their true selves in German, where they’re comfortable. Knowing German helps bridge cultural divides, socially and professionally, leading to a deep and personal immersive education experience."

Stephanie Horvath, Mechanical Engineering/ICP German Class of 2017:
"Working in another language taught me a lot about communicating with different cultures which is increasingly important in today’s world."

Morgan Brink, Operations Management & International Business/ICP Japanese Class of 2016:
"Companies LOVE hearing [in job interviews] that students have done something new or different while in school."

Cory Murphy, Operations Management/ICP German Class of 2015:
"I know of no student who has ever co-oped with GE in Germany and then did not receive an offer into one of their relevant competitive leadership programs afterward. GE, among other top employers, highly values this global experience."

Nathan Thomas, Mechanical Engineering/ICP German Class of 2015:
"To be able to travel overseas for eight months and gain valuable work experience at that stage of our lives was so important to our development."

Zachary Kramer, Finance/ICP German Class of 2013:
"I learned a great deal about working and living within a foreign culture, which I now believe is one of the best experiences someone can have in life."

Julie Hess, Chemical Engineering/ICP German Class of 2012:
"Upon completing the international co-op program, it was one of the first things recruiters and interviewers would ask me about, and I definitely think it helped set me apart."

Justin Speer, Mechanical Engineering/ICP German Class of 2012:
"It is very intimidating and by far the most rewarding experience I have ever had in my life, bar none."

Jacob Mathers, Chemical Engineering/ICP Japanese Class of 2011:
"ICP has had a profound impact on my career. When I interviewed with Kao, my Japanese language and cultural experience were a major topic of conversation and a significant selling point which gave me, as a rookie engineer, an edge up on the competition. As a global company headquartered in Japan, Kao places a strong emphasis on the ability to work and cooperate internationally. Since I already had the proven experience working abroad as part of the ICP, I believe the company saw me as someone who would fit well with their culture and be able to be a productive team member."

Kevin Say, Chemical Engineering/ICP Japanese Class of 2010:
"My ICP experience overall was positive. I would encourage any student to participate in it. It taught me a lot about a different culture, widened my world view, and gave me valuable skills. Plus there aren’t many opportunities in most people’s lives to do something like this after they graduate."