ReCON, the Research and Creative Opportunities Network, is an undergraduate student organization at UC.

It functions as a multidisciplinary network of undergraduate student researchers who:

  • develop intellectually stimulating relationships with each other and with graduate students, faculty, and other research professionals,
  • help prospective student researchers access research experiences, and
  • participate in educational activities that support their development as research professionals.

Member Benefits

Members of ReCON make valuable connections within the research community. They develop communication and presentation skills. They refine their readiness for post-graduate endeavors. They have access to awards and recognition that helps them stand out when applying to graduate programs and jobs.

In addition, members have access to the following:

  • Letter of Recommendation from UC’s Director of Undergraduate Research. Recommendation letters may be used in applications to graduate school, professional school, or summer research programs.
  • Multiple opportunities for awards and recognition. ReCON members receive priority consideration for many of these awards, and two are only open to ReCON members
  • T-shirts, food and fun

Becoming a Member

Because ReCON members help students achieve and prepare for an authentic research experience, members are expected to have engaged in research previously or be currently engaged in research (authentic research activity may occur as part of a course or apprenticeship-style experience).

Students interested in ReCON who lack research experience are encouraged to attend ReCON activities to connect with members and develop an action plan for obtaining research experience. Once you have done that, we hope you will consider becoming a member.

Students apply for membership by submitting an application. Once your membership has been approved (1-5 days), you will be given access to the ReCON Google Drive so you can report your membership activities on the Activity Tracker. Applicants are considered members as long as they participate in activities that amount to at least ten membership points per semester.