Executive Board

ReCON is consists of student members, a student executive board, and a faculty advisor.

Rickey Terrell

Rickey Terrell, President

Rickey Terrell is a fifth-year chemical engineering student at UC, working on platinum catalysis research for fuel cell applications with Dr. Angelopoulos. Rickey is a member of various science organizations including AICHE, NSBE and the Ohio Academy of Sciences. He also directs the Hughes High School Science Fair Program, exposing students to research topics while encouraging them to pursue STEM fields. Following graduation, Rickey plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and continue his work in catalysis.

Portrait of Nick Slaboden

Nick Slaboden, Internal Vice President

Nick Slaboden is a fourth-year student at UC, majoring in the Biological Sciences with a biomedical concentration and a minor in Nutritional Sciences. Nick has worked with Dr. Greg Myer and Dr. Scott Bonnette in the Sports Medicine Research Division at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for three years. Nick’s research focuses on intertwining the disciplines of orthopedics, biomechanics, experimental psychology, and neuroscience. His current project explores the efficacy of a novel real-time, augmented virtual reality, biofeedback method to reduce high-risk biomechanics that contribute to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. He has also contributed to research in preventing concussions through the use of collars that reduce “brain slosh” upon repeated impact. Aside from research, he has been involved with the Caducea pre-medical society and peer to peer mentoring. After graduation, he will attend both medical and graduate school.

Portrait of Nichelle Lyle

Nichelle Lyle, External Vice President

Nichelle Lyle is a senior in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. She is also pursuing certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Professional Communication. She is a first-generation, non-traditional, returning adult student who aims to pursue a career in research. She is interested in discovering how people in the past were able to adapt, overcome, and survive catastrophic natural events and how this can inform the future. She has extensive lab experience at the Court Archaeological Research Facility at the University of Cincinnati Center for Field Studies. Guided by a skilled interdisciplinary team of mentors, she has developed a versatile knowledge and background in archaeology, paleoclimate, and geo-sciences from an anthropological perspective. She plans to apply to graduate school this fall and pursue a career in academia.

Portrait of Lauren Styczynski

Lauren Styczynski, Secretary/Finance Director

Lauren Styczynski is a third-year medical science major who is also working toward a certificate in professional writing. Lauren works Dr. Baccei's lab in the Department of Anesthesiology in the College of Medicine and studies nociception and the lasting effects of early-life tissue damage. Lauren is also involved with the College of Medicine Tribunal, Healthcats, HerCampus, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the MedCat Jr. After graduation, she plans to work toward a PhD in neuroscience or in pharmacology.

Portrait of Prateek Srivistava

Prateek Srivastava, Ambassador

Prateek Srivastava is a senior is majoring in Journalism and International Affairs. He is an international student from India. Prateek researches human rights issues in refugee camps, especially focusing on gender and religion. Previously, Prateek has researched and published in topics related to immigration and human rights. Prateek presented his work at the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase and later in Budapest at the CEU Conference: Coping with Crisis and elsewhere. Prateek received a Young Researcher award from the Eurasia Research Foundation for his research into illegal immigration in India.

Apart from research, Prateek is the Scripps Howard Communication grantee working at the World Affairs Foundation of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky where he focuses on working with diverse American schools. Prateek is a member of the Indian Students Association, No Lost Generation, Society of Professional Journalists, and National Society of Leadership and Success. He is also an Arts & Sciences Ambassador. In ReCON, Prateek wants to make humanities students aware of research and help them find opportunities. Following graduation, Prateek wants to pursue a PhD in International Affairs focusing on immigration, gender, and religion.

portrait of Megan Lamkin

Faculty Advisor

Megan Lamkin, Ph.D.