Board Responsibilities

Responsibilities of each ReCON Executive Board position are described below.


The President works closely with the Faculty Advisor to create and plan all ReCON programming, including mentor training, executive board meetings, and organization meetings. The president is responsible for training all mentors (usually a one-time, 30-minute PowerPoint presentation) and ensuring that other executive members are performing their duties. The President is also required to complete the Student Activities Board (SAB) RESET Training.

Internal Vice President

The Internal Vice President is responsible for coordinating workshop leaders, providing workshop materials. In addition, the Internal Vice President leads the organization in the President’s absence.

External Vice President

The External Vice President is responsible for organizational outreach. This includes marketing and advertising program events and establishing connections with other student organizations and research faculty on campus.


The Secretary records meeting minutes and communicates meeting dates and research opportunities to all members through the listserv.

Finance Director

The Finance Director works closely with the President and Faculty Advisor to create a semester budget and submit it for approval by the University Funding Board (UFB). The Finance Director completes RESET training and ensures that ReCON is registered with the Student Activities Board (SAB).


ReCON Ambassadors represent the organization. They recruit new members and potential researchers at campus events and elsewhere. They lead and assist with professional development workshops and information sessions.