Showcase judges play an important role: to evaluate presentations in a way that encourages and supports undergraduate students’ professional development.

Since students are instructed to present their work in a way that people outside their discipline can appreciate, subject matter expertise is not required.

No experience evaluating presentations? No problem! Attend our judges' training session the morning of the event.

In addition, for those who are interested in hiring students to do scholarly work or research in your department, organization or company, being a project judge is a great way to discover emerging talent. As a judge, you will talk directly with students and evaluate their presentations. We will introduce you to the first few students by assigning you three presentations to evaluate. Beyond that, you will have ample time to interact with any student presenters at your leisure, as in a "reverse career fair." There is no cost to participate and no experience necessary. Training, refreshments, lunch and parking are provided.

Registration forms for judges for the next Showcase will be available in early 2020.