Bearcat Buddies Lead Tutor Program

I love everything! The connections, learning, and relationships are amazing.

Lead Tutor

Bearcat Buddies piloted a Lead Tutor Program during the 2018-2019 school year. 30 leaders met biweekly to learn from guest speakers and develop content for the general tutors in the program. Friendships formed, and the quality of the Bearcat Buddies experience was enriched for tutors and tutees alike.

The Bearcat Buddies Lead Tutor Program is always looking for the next cohort of student leaders to contribute their talents and creativity.


Bearcat Buddies Lead Tutors will:

  • Be the primary point of contact for tutors in their session, serving as a liaison between the tutors, the Center for Community Engagement, and GRAD Cincinnati representatives
  • Attend Lead Tutor Training and six Lead Tutor Meetings
  • Serve on one of the following committees: Communications, Tutor Engagement, Tutee Engagement
  • Facilitate training during the first meeting for the tutors in their session and answer tutors’ questions
  • Facilitate a focus group with tutors during CPS's spring break
  • Be familiar with their school and its tutoring program
  • Manage sign-in sheets, folders, and other materials as needed during tutoring sessions
  • Monitor the tutoring calendar, taking note of snow days, holidays, school breaks, etc.
  • Introduce a new tutoring strategy every week in the van 
  • Check in with tutors on the way back to UC
  • Foster a sense of community among tutors in their group
  • Follow up with tutors who are absent and encourage accountability
  • Communicate feedback regularly to CCE

Time Commitment

Maximum 4 hours per week including regular tutoring sessions

Committee Descriptions

Communications: Serves to increase transparency between tutors, the Center for Community Engagement, and GRAD Cincinnati by facilitating feedback early and often, implementing communication strategies, and writing an attendance policy

Tutor Engagement: Serves to enrich the tutor experience by building a bank of resources, disseminating tutoring strategies weekly, and providing opportunities for reflection

Tutee Engagement: Serves to enrich the tutee experience by implementing fun activities, soliciting feedback from tutees, and helping tutors think through individual tutee challenges