Tutor Resources

Included here is valuable information for current and prospective tutors. Please read carefully as current tutors will be held accountable for this information. If you are a current tutor, do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about anything at any time by contacting BearcatBuddies@uc.edu or call Fran Larkin at 513-556-1503.

Tutoring Sessions: Days & Times

As soon as we have the information, we will share a list of all tutoring sessions for the 2018 fall semester. 

2018-2019 Cincinnati Public Schools Calendar

For planning purposes, you can take a look at the Cincinnati Public Schools calendar, which differs from UC's school calendar. CPS often has holidays on Mondays, so take that into consideration if you are a Monday tutor.

Important Dates 2018-2019

Fall 2018


  • 11 (Thurs.): NO TUTORING
  • 12 (Fri.): NO TUTORING
  • 22 (Mon.): NO TUTORING


  • 6 (Tues.): NO TUTORING
  • 12 (Mon.): NO TUTORING
  • 21 (Wed.): NO TUTORING
  • 22 (Thurs.): NO TUTORING
  • 23 (Fri.): NO TUTORING


  • 10 (Mon.) – 31 (Mon.): NO TUTORING

Spring 2019


  • 1 (Tues.) – 21 (Mon.): NO TUTORING
  • 22 (Tues.): TUTORING STARTS


  • 4 (Mon.): NO TUTORING
  • 18 (Mon.): NO TUTORING


  • 18 (Mon.) – 29 (Fri.): NO TUTORING




Any volunteer who is new to Bearcat Buddies must attend training before they begin tutoring. Most tutors will also recieve additional information, on-site orientation, and training during their first tutoring session.

Policies & Paperwork

Every tutor must complete a background check once per year. Every tutor must complete a volunteer agreement each semester. Background check forms and volunteer agreements will be available at training each semester, and during the first tutoring session for returning tutors.

You can view a copy of the volunteer agreement and background check form below, but copies will be provided at trainings or during your first tutoring session for returning tutors.

Bearcat Buddies Agreement

Background Check Form

Community Service Hours

Tutors receive 1.5 hours of off-campus community service credit for each tutoring session. Most semesters will include 12 sessions, but holidays and other calendar irregularities may decrease the number of possible sessions.

The Center for Community Engagement will track service hours throughout the semester and provide tutors with a report after the last day of regular classes for the semester. These hours will be submitted electronically to the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center and Ethnic Programs and Services offices. Students with the Cincinnatus, Darwin T. Turner, UC Global, and National Outreach scholarships will have their hours reported on their behalf. Students with other scholarships and course requirements should contact BearcatBuddies@uc.edu to make arrangements for any other reporting verification they may need.

Please note that should any of the items in the Bearcat Buddies Volunteer Agreement and Expectations policy document be violated, the Center for Community Engagement will not award community service hours. Appeals to the implementation of this policy will be considered on a case by case basis by the program support staff.

Tutor Tracking System

As noted in the volunteer agreement and expectations policy document, all tutors must complete both an online and paper tutoring log. Paper tutoring logs are kept in the school for the benefit of the immediate school faculty, staff, and specialists. The online tutoring log is for the benefit of the Cincinnati Public School district.

Paper logs are available in the schools. Access the online tutoring log at www.cpstutoring.org and contact BearcatBuddies@uc.edu for troubleshooting assistance.

What to Expect

  • Most tutors' first visit to their school will include an overview of the tutoring program in that school. This will help you get a feel for your tutoring assignment, the school, the students, and make a connection to the GRAD Cincinnati staff person in your building, who can answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Most tutors' first session will also involve a brief orientation to the school building.
  • Your first full tutoring session will most likely be on your second visit to your school. This first tutoring session will involve getting to know your student, building a relationship, and setting mutual expectations (rules). Take a look at the First Session Checklist on this page for details.

Snow Days & Road Conditions

Tutoring sessions may be canceled due to road conditions. While we hope unforseen cancelations are minimized, sessions may be canceled in the interest of safety. Please check local news sources for information regarding school closings and delays.

  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If the University of Cincinnati is closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are on a delay, morning tutoring sessions will be canceled.

Focus Groups

Cincinnati Public Schools close for spring break. Instead of tuturing that week, Bearcat Buddies tutors will meet at the Center for Community Engagement during their regularly scheduled tutoring time to engage in conversations about their service experience and brainstorm about how they can improve the program and increase the collective impact on the community.