Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

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MGC is the most recently established council at the University of Cincinnati, and is comprised of 3 chapters: 1 men's fraternity and 2 women's sororities. The mission of MGC is to foster development of the Greek Community through leadership, service, and advocating on behalf of its member organizations. MGC places an importance on diverse identities held within this inclusive community. MGC upholds the ideals of equity, partnership, and diversity.

President: Victoria Voeung

Advisor: Madeline Stine


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Sometimes known as "UC MGC" or "Cincy MGC", we are the umbrella governing organizaiton for a variety of the cultural-interest fraternities and sororities at the University of Cincinnati. The mission of MGC is to foster development of the Fraternity & Sorority Life community through leadership, service, and advocating on behalf of its member organizations. We place an importance on the diverse identities held within this inclusive community and uphold the ideals of equilty, partnership, and diversity. 

  • Chi Sigma Tau National Fraternity, Inc.
  • Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Cultural-interest fraternities and sororities refer to general or social organizations oriented to students having a specifcal interest in a culture or cultural identity. These organizations tailor to certain interests, and often advocate for the concerns of said identity group.

Our organizations are of cultural-interest, but not exclusive to that group! We encourage people of all backgrounds to see if one of our Multicultural Greek Organizations (MGOs) is a good fit for them! It is important to consider various aspects about a fraternity or sorority including their values, mssions, and philanthropies. Each organizaion makes their own amazing contributions to the community!

Each chapter may hold recruitment events on different timelines. The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) can serve as a resource to anyone interested in joining one of our organizations. It is recommended to follow the various social media of our MGOs, as well as MGC, for updates on specific dates for recruitment and intake. Feel free to email with any specific questions. 

Some Multicultural Greek Organizations (MGOs) participate in recruitment or intake. These efforts typically last a couple of weeks early each semester, however, the exact timing depends on the specific chapter. This is a time to check out the chapters in the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), learn more about them, and spend time with some active members. Recruitment and intake include various events one must attend to be considered for a bid!

This "education process" allows potential new members, often called affiliates or pledges" to learn about each other, the histories and traditions of their respective organizations, current members, philanthropies, and Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of Cincinnati. Once new member education is completed, the new members become official brothers and sisters - full members of their organizations! Some chapters refer to their newly initiated members as "neophytes" or "neos."