Expansion Policy

The University of Cincinnati recognizes that a strong fraternity & sorority community is a constructive element of campus life.

In overseeing the process of orderly expansion, there must be substantial evidence of the ability of the proposed organization to: positively contribute to the UC FSL community; show potential for recruiting, growth and success; and to conduct itself in a manner consistent with state laws, University, Council, and Fraternity & Sorority Life policies and procedures.

Organizations wishing to affiliate with the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Council must adhere to those councils’ planned expansion process, which is in place to ensure success for organizations seeking to colonize a new chapter at UC.

To insure that fraternities and sororities desiring to be registered at UC possess those qualifications deemed necessary for their success and for the continued health of the UC FSL community, the following standards and procedures shall apply.