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The GSG Conference Travel award is provided to financially assist deserving graduate students present their research at a conference or attend a conference or workshop (poster/paper/oral presentation) to develop their professional skills. A graduate student can receive a maximum of $500 in conference related travel awards from the GSG per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).

  • Must be a degree seeking graduate student with at least 12 graduate credit hours earned. 
  • Must be registered for at least one credit hour during the semester of travel. For travel during Summer semester (if a graduate student is not registered for Summer), at least one credit hour of the prior Spring semester registration is mandatory). 
  • Must be a member of a properly registered and active GSA group. 
  • Must be a registered member of the GSG on CampusLink. 
  • Must be presenting original research in the form of papers/posters or chairing a panel/session at a conference.


  • Graduate students whose conference travel is supported by departmental and/or an advisor’s external grants (including but not limited to federal, state and local government or industry grants awarded externally to UC), or who are traveling to a conference as an employee of such grants are no longer eligible for GSG conference travel awards strictly due to the GSG policies.
  • Auditions, job talks, career fairs, and interviews are ineligible. 


  • Once all authorizations are confirmed, awards generally take about 2 weeks to process. 
  • If a student has graduated, he/she is eligible for reimbursement only if the conference is within two weeks of their graduation date. 
  • The GSG requires that all students applying for GSGA travel awards must also apply to their department/advisor for funding whenever possible. 
  • The GSG conference travel award application is only considered for funding when no/partial funding could be secured from the department and/or advisor. 
  • If the GSG treasurer emails you about some problem with your application, it is your responsibility to fix the issue(s) completely within 7 calendar days of receiving the email. 
  • GSG does not reimburse Poster printing charges, Transportation Baggage fees and Aircraft seat allotment charges. No exceptions.


If you are a student in CEAS or CECH, please follow the same procedure to complete your application but kindly submit your documents only to the business officers from your corresponding college to avoid processing delays. Do not send any documentation to the GSG Treasurer.

The application for CEAS and CECH is currently not on campuslink, please contact GSG treasurer for the application form.

CEAS Applications

A CEAS graduate student can receive a maximum of $700 in conference related travel awards from the GSG per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). As a presenter, you’re eligible to receive up to $700 per conference/workshop. Please contact GSG Treasurer for the application

Please submit all applications to Barbara Carter - 665 Baldwin Hall - 513-556-5157

CECH Applications

Please submit all applications to:

Application Process

Please complete the online CampusLink application, within 14 calendar days of the end of the conference. Late submissions will be rejected. If you need more time, you must contact the GSG Treasurer before the 14-day deadline to apply for an extension (no more than an additional 7 calendar days).  You* will need the following to complete the online CampusLink application :

*CampusLink application is not yet available for CEAS and CECH students. If you are a CEAS or CECH student, please contact GSG Treasurer for the application form.

  • Appropriate proof of expense (as detailed in each category) must be submitted. Any deviations from the requirements below will result in a delay of processing. A credit card or debit card statement MAY BE submitted to support a receipt but cannot be submitted as the sole proof of expense. 
  • GSG does not reimburse food expenses.
  • If your receipts are not in US dollar (USD $), you must provide the value in USD on your application. You may use this website to find exchange rates for conversion:
  • For expenses shared between students, each applicant must list their share on the Application and submit copies of the receipt and provide proof of payment (check, Venmo, PayPal, etc.) of their share.


Only the expenses listed below will be reimbursed. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Conference fees: Conference registration and/or abstract submission fees can be reimbursed. However, the total amount reimbursed must not include any membership dues or non-essential services. The receipt must show the applicant’s name and itemized charges.

  • Your semester tuition bill
  • A student must be registered for at least one credit hour during the semester they presented. For presenters who presented during Summer semester (if a graduate student is not registered for Summer), at least one credit hour of the prior Spring semester registration is mandatory).
  • Please log into the Catalyst website
  • Click on the My Finances tab (under Student Homepage)
  • Click on View Term Bill in Account Summary
  • Select the term (the term of your travel) and click continue
    • Save the term bill
    • Note: If you presented your research during any of the semester breaks, the prior semester’s registration proof must be submitted.
  • You must submit a copy of your email confirmation of acceptance.
  • Please make sure that your name and the conference name are on the document and are explicitly highlighted.

Provide a screenshot of the conference with the time and date stamp on the screen. Activity on credit card statements does not suffice for proof of attendence to the conference.

  • At the end of the application you will be required to submit email addresses for your required reviewers.
  • All email addresses MUST be in the <> format not <>


After the GSG has processed your documents, your travel award will be reimbursed to you through direct deposit or a check mailed to your submitted address.