ARTH3090 Cincinnati Art and Architecture

UHP Funding

  • For each course accepted and offered, the originating college/department will receive a $6000 payment from University Honors.
  • In the case of a team-taught course, $8000 will be split amongst participating colleges/departments.
  • The funds are¬†transferred to the department(s) at the end of the add/drop period in the semester in which your course is taught, provided that the course has an enrollment of 12 or more University Honors students. If the course has an enrollment of 11 or fewer University Honors students, the amount will be pro-rated.
  • The use of the funds is determined by the college/department.¬†If a faculty member has questions about how the funds will be used, they should talk with their department head.

PBB Funds

  • University Honors students come from all of the undergraduate colleges. Therefore, students from across colleges will enroll. Typically, 2/3 of students in each honors seminar will likely originate from a different college.
  • Under PBB in 2016-17, the college listing the course received $251.84 per student credit hour for students who are majors in other colleges. With a class of 20 students, if 2/3 (13) are from outside the listing college, then the college could generate $9821.76 additional dollars (13*$251.84 *3credits).