Required Documents

CI3010 Save Our Schools

You are required to upload the following documents with your proposal submission (with the exception of the departmental support; that should be emailed to honors@uc.edu).

Course Syllabus

You will upload a tentative (but well-developed) course syllabus that includes the following:

  • Student learning outcomes - cognitive, behavioral, attitudinal (these are needed for e-curriculum)
  • Information about pedagogy, including description of experience-based learning components and how reflection will be incorporated
  • Tentative course schedule, including readings and assignments
  • Examples of assignments that will foster achievement of learning outcomes
  • Grading criteria

Curriculum Vitae

You will upload your CV to serve as a brief account of your education, qualifications, and previous experience. This should include evidence of scholarship and/or professional mastery to teach content in the course.

Departmental Support

A statement of support must be submitted by the faculty member's department head confirming that, if the course is approved, the faculty member will be able to offer it during the 2022-23 academic year (or potentially in fall 2023 in the case of a study tour).

  • The statement does not need to evaluate the proposal and can be very brief.
  • It should be emailed to honors@uc.edu by the department head by the deadline.
  • If we do not have a statement from the department head, the proposal will not be considered.
  • When proposing a team-taught course, a statement of support must be provided for each faculty member. 

Supplemental Information for Honors Seminars with Study Tours

If you are submitting a proposal with a study tour, you are required to upload a detailed itinerary and budget.

  • You will upload these when you submit the online proposal form.
  • We recognize that the budget and itinerary will change as the course is developed. Please provide the best information available at the time of submission.
  • Proposals for seminars with study tours that do not include a travel itinerary and budget will not be considered.

Please also keep in mind the additional information about study tour proposals that can be found under the study tour guidelines page.