Study Tour Guidelines

HIST3096 Global History of WWII

Proposals for honors seminars with study tours must include an itinerary and budget. The UHP reserves the right to cancel a study tour at any point if any of the following parameters are not met. Typically, the UHP offers 5-8 honors seminars each year that include a faculty-led study tour (out of around 30 honors seminars offered annually). Please keep these points in mind:


  • Seminars with study tours have a different time line than regular honors seminars. Because of the need to begin planning a full year in advance, we are currently only accepting proposals for seminars with study tours for spring semester 2023 and fall semester 2023. We are not able to implement new seminars with study tours for fall semester 2022 through this current process.
  • Proposal for domestic study tours are discouraged. There is typically not enough interest from students to run them. 
  • Study tours take place during the break period immediately following the semester or during spring break. Spring break study tours are encouraged. 
  • We welcome applications to study tour courses from undergraduate students who are not in the UHP if they have a cumulative university GPA of 3.2 or higher. Graduate students are not eligible. While we expect that UHP students are given priority in the selection process, there is typically space for other undergraduate students as well.
  • We may require an in-person meeting as part of the proposal selection process.
  • Over 90% of the students registered for the seminar need to be UHP students to justify running it using UHP funds and resources. Programs for which enrollment is not at least 90% UHP students can be canceled.  
  • Study tour itineraries and plans included in proposals are considered tentative. Circumstances can change and it is not possible for the UHP to fully research and vet every aspect of every proposal upon submission. Therefore, if your proposal is accepted, you can expect for some details and logistics to change as needed, based on best practices, expectations for health and safety, or other risk management considerations. We will work in partnership with the faculty member to develop the best study tour program possible for our students, based on the combined expertise of the faculty member, the UHP, and UC International. 


  • Faculty must have previous experience leading undergraduates on an international study tour at UC.
  • Faculty must have direct experience in the study tour location(s).


  • All programs must have two leaders.
  • Co-leaders must be either UC faculty or staff.
  • Co-leaders must bring something to the course (ex. language skills, expertise on the topic or region, etc.). If the faculty member cannot identify a co-leader then a UHP staff member will be assigned as co-leader.
  • Graduate students and/or TAs are not eligible to be co-leaders.
  • Family members cannot be co-leaders. Additionally, faculty should not expect that members of their family, including spouses and children, will be able to travel with them on the study tour.


  • COVID will change how and when we travel. We are still learning that impact. Anything noted here regarding planning and logistics is subject to change. 
  • The final itinerary must be submitted six months in advance from the date of departure. We understand that not all details can be finalized six months in advance, itinerary details such as dates, locations, flights, tours, or any contractual agreements need to be finalized by this point to secure availability and financial viability. Major changes will only be made in extenuating circumstances.
  • All groups will travel together on the same flights (exceptions can sometimes be made for return flights). Students or leaders on different individual flights will only be allowed in extenuating circumstances. At least one leader must return with the group.
  • For best practices purposes, vendors will be utilized to help arrange logistics, hotels, tours, ground transportation, etc. Please take this into consideration when budget planning.
  • Faculty will be required to take photos during the study tour that the UHP can use in social media, marketing, website, etc. Photos should be of the group in different locations as well as of individual students engaging in aspects of the experience. 


  • All study tours must have a workable budget.
  • If the number of students registered for the seminar is less than the minimum required to run the budget (ex. 20 students are needed to satisfy the budget and only 17 students are registered), the seminar will be canceled. The date of cancellation will vary by term. 
  • When budget planning, consider that we will be using group flights and vendors. This could increase the cost per student.
  • Leader expenses will be covered by the program fee.
  • Cash advances will only be granted for locations which do not easily accept credit cards. Faculty and leaders should expect to cover any unpaid expenses and then be reimbursed with an expense report. This includes tips for guides, drivers, etc.
  • The University Honors Program will not pay or reimburse for the following expenses associated with study tours: passports, visas, vaccinations, or personal spending.