Scheduling Advising Meetings via Starfish

After logging on to Blackboard via Canopy, just click on "Starfish" in the Tools Menu (located on the lefthand-side of the page). We have found that Starfish works best in Internet Explorer.

  • Find your advisor's name and click on "See available appointments." This will take you to the advisor's calendar.
  • Scroll forward on the calendar to find an open appointment that is compatible with your schedule (open times will display a green circle with a "+" symbol next to the words "Sign up").
  • Click on "Week" to see multiple days of your advisor's calendar at one time.
  • During busy times of the semester, you may need to scroll forward several weeks to find an open slot.
  • When you click on "Sign up," a small pop-up window will appear. You need to select the reason for your appointment. You have the opportunity to specify what you would like to discuss when we meet (this is an important step because it helps your advisor better prepare for the appointment).
  • When you schedule, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and then an email reminder the day of the appointment (unless you customize your preferences otherwise).
  • For further instructions please review this scheduling guide.

Now that you have the appointment scheduled, you will be able to manage your appointment. If you need to change, cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can log into Blackboard and Starfish and adjust your appointment to better meet your schedule or address your concerns.

When you are scheduling your appointment, as mentioned, you can share specific information you would like to discuss with your advisor during the meeting. This provides your advisor with the tools necessary to better assist you with your questions, and sometimes might be able to have all of the information you need and ready to discuss it upon your arrival.

If you would like to take your Starfish experience a step further, you can update your profile. You can import a picture, which will help your advisor to better recognize you by seeing your face with your name. Also, if your information is up-to-date on your profile page you should be easily accessible in case your advisor needs to get in touch with you regarding an important deadline.