Application & Experience Timeline

When the application opens in Summer 2023, please use the above button to access the application. We estimate it will take 15 minutes or less to complete.


No prior experience with D&D is required to participate! Although applications are open to everyone within UHP, we encourage first- and second-year students to apply, as many of the themes are most applicable to individuals transitioning into a University environment, as well as making sense of their time as a student.

Application Details

  • The Fall 2023 application will open in late summer - check back closer to that time
  • An initial Zoom meeting will be scheduled before the experience begins
  • If you are interested in applying in the future, please look out for announcements in the Honors Newsletter!

Experience Timeline

Before the semester begins

  • Upon acceptance to the program, begin research and consideration of character goal
  • Design character miniature on Hero Forge website¬†and save .stl file.¬†
  • Meet virtually (1hr) to set mutual expectations, review safety tools, and further develop character

Weeks 1 - 15 of semester

  • Sessions 1-15 of the story, followed by post-session debrief (3hrs each)
  • Self-guided research and refections of both personal goal and character development (1hr)

Monthly progress assessments

  • Virtual discussion and group reflection of the story and themes thus far (1hr each)

Weeks 14-15 of semester

  • Synthesizing the experience and presentaton prep (2hrs)

Finals Week

  • Presentations: sharing your experience with the group (2.5hrs)